Saturday, March 1, 2008

Day Off Tomorrow

The practice fields are so close to the hotel that the team jogged to training this morning. It will be a very light one after a few hard days and there is a full-field scrimmage this afternoon. The pic above is actually from yesterday's speed and agility training. Tomorrow is the first day off since the team arrived in the Algarve and about half the team is planning on taking the two and half hour drive east to Seville, Spain, which is about an hour past the border. If you haven't been to Seville, we recommend going. It's a beautiful city, with a great vibe and a massive cathedral that's a "must-see." The cathedral supposedly contains the tomb Christopher Columbus, although apparently that it the topic of much debate as his remains were moved several times after his death in 1506 and no one is really sure that it is actually CC in Seville.

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