Friday, February 29, 2008

Osborne's Eye

If you were reading the WNT Blog during the USA's last training camp in Los Angeles, you know that Leslie Osborne and Rachel Buehler had a frightening head-to-head collision that left Osborne with a monster bump on her head and Buehler with, well, a little minor soreness. Neither player missed a training session, but 15 days later Osborne's right eye is still sporting a shiner. Her swelling went down quickly, but it's settled under her eye and she reports that she can't walk anywhere without people asking her what happened. That's including the tourists here in the Algarve, hotel staff, etc. Truth be told, she can't wait to be less raccoon-like. Osborne told us a nice story about the incident though. Buehler, who as reported during that camp has the tenacity of bulldog on the field and the personality of golden retriever off it, went to Osborne's room that night, apologized for like the 15th time and gave her a huge box of chocolate. Those who know Osborne knows there's only one food that even comes close to her love of cheese, and that's chocolate...Other afternoon notes: The team had two fairly hard trainings today, so after the afternoon session, almost the entire team decided soak their legs in the hotel pool which is known to be perfect for polar bears and penguins. Apparently this year while it is still icy, it's not too bad and certainly refreshing for the legs...Christie Rampone's daughter Rylie was seen taking a 20-yard run up and hurling herself onto a couch in the lobby of the USA's team floor, then calling herself "SuperMan!"...Since there is no Internet access in the hotel rooms, most of the time the players have to go to the lobby to access wireless, where they get on Skype to talk to family and loves ones back home, which is no doubt an odd site for any tourist walking into the hotel and seeing a group of young women working on laptops and seemingly talking to themselves.

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