Saturday, March 1, 2008


The U.S. players jogged to morning training today instead of taking the small bus as usual. It takes just a few minutes to drive to the practice field and about eight minutes to run. The players were supposed to run at a "conversational pace," meaning it's easy to chat and run at the same time. But of course, being the competitive women they are, the run started getting faster and faster until it was some serious Chariots of Fire going on there...The players hit the last big hill before the training field and suffice it to say, there were no conversations going on. At least they got a good warm-up before training. The 60-minute afternoon full-field scrimmage ended 1-0 on a penalty kick smartly converted by Cat Whitehill. The team has all day off tomorrow. The players are looking forward to some serious R&R and are hoping the gorgeous weather holds.

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