Monday, April 7, 2008

The Day After

The USA's big win over Mexico yesterday is front (sports) page news today in Juarez. Not only was the game a sell-out, but it was carried on a Mexican cable station and it seems U.S. forward Natasha Kai has gained some notoriety. After scoring two goals yesterday and celebrating them to the max, Kai got quite a few friendly jabs from the locals today when she went snack shopping with team GM Cheryl Bailey and team captain Christie Rampone. The gist of most jabs was, "We don't like you, you scored two goals on us! But you are a good player." The U.S. had today off from training, with some players going for a jog in the morning and the rest for a brisk walk. The team will train on the field tomorrow, going over the border to practice in El Paso, followed by a BBQ lunch! Tonight, the team is going out for, you guessed it, Mexican food. We hear the steaks are scrumptious at the restaurant.

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flowers said...

Yeah I totally have the El Paso Times picture taped in my soccer Locker. Totally awesome! enjoy your time in El Paso. Its kinda boring here but if your just here to practice then cool. every el paso resident will probably say "Get some chico's" haha.