Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Kansas and Mexican Food

Last night, the U.S. team went out to wonderful dinner at a local restaurant (although, if it's Mexican food in Mexico, do you just call it food?). The location was chosen not only for its great authentic cuisine and enthusiastic wait staff (or perhaps for the Mariachis who dedicated a few songs to the U.S. team?) but because it was the night of the NCAA Men's Basketball championship game and the place had plenty of TVs including one big screen! Although the U.S. team was by far the most interested customers, the dramatic comeback by Kansas was thoroughly enjoyed by most U.S. players and we happened to snap a picture seconds after Mario Chalmers nailed his shot for the ages. We won't say who or how much, but U.S. equipment manager and Kansas City native Andrew Dessert picked up a few extra pesos in wagers with staff and players.


Jesus Brand Jelly said...

You can't beat my 'Hawks! Rock Chalk!

Admin1 said...

Was some one doing drawings for the team? I see a picture on the table. Does one of the players have a hidden talent?