Friday, April 11, 2008

Pounding the Pins

After lunch today, the U.S. players took a few hours to relax at a local bowling alley, breaking up into teams (you just can't get away from competition with these ladies) for a WNT Bowling Tournament. While the U.S. players may not be the most talented bowlers in the world (except apparently for Kacey White), the effort and enthusiasm was certainly there. It was good for the squad to get out of the hotel for a little bit of fun before the big game against Canada tomorrow when it will be all business. (While there were more than a few strikes, it's fortunate that the team is not bowling for the CONCACAF title). See below for some WNT Blog video on the outing.


Zar000000 said...

Bol bol looked like fun,,,

yo yo yo a big shout out to whoever does the Matchtracking,

Cast Master said...

I love these bits on the women off the field. Its great to see them in this environment! Thanks for all the work and keep 'em coming.

PeeKay said...

what was up with those tank tops?