Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Welcome to the United States

This morning, the U.S. team crossed the border back into Texas for training in El Paso, which meant everyone had to get off the team bus and show their passports to get into the USA. It had to be amusing to see 20 identically dressed athletic women in soccer gear walking through passport control, yes? On the other side, the players met some of the U.S. border guards and took some pictures. The guys told the team that they love when the USA beats Mexico in soccer, because if they don't, they hear about it all day from the Mexican citizens at the border crossing. Fortunately, the WNT gave them some bragging rights for a few days. If both the USA and Mexico win their semifinals, the teams would meet again on April 12 in the championship game of the tournament, but Costa Rica and Canada will have something to say about that tomorrow.

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