Sunday, April 27, 2008

RAIN Delay

It's about 30 minutes before what was to be the kickoff of the USA-Australia match and we are in a pre-game rain delay. The stadium is getting pounded by rain and there's been some lightning, so the players are still in the locker rooms. Apparently, they are going to try to warm-up about quarter to seven, but we'll see if the powers that be allow them out on the field. All the fans in the stadium right now are seeking shelter and the wet stuff is supposed to come down for at least another hour. But we don't care about rain. A little rain never bothered the WNT and the field is in great shape, but it's the lightning the scares the bejibbers out of us...So, we have to wait for the lightning to pass before we can get this one underway. Stay tuned...

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Emily(LOVES US SOCCER) said...

i was there! it was pouring like crazy! but IT WAS WORTH IT!!

NATASHA KAI WAVED AT ME!! haha but anyways it was tons of fun and i loved every minute of it!!