Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Busy Wednesday

After what was widely hailed by the players as a fabulous day off on Tuesday, the team was back at it in a big way on Wednesday, hitting the weight room in the morning (thanks to the kind folks at the University of Alabama-Birmingham for use of their fine facilities) and the grass in the afternoon (thanks to the kind folks at SportsFirst 1996 Fileds for the use of their fine facilities). The team had an intense 90-minute session in sweaty heat that was watched by a nice group of fans who had come out to see Team USA in its first visit to Birmingham since 2004. As they almost always do, the players signed some autographs after training, which included an impressive 20-kid in four minute spurt by Abby Wambach as she had to hop in the last van back to the hotel. The team also had a lengthy meeting after dinner as they prepare to face Australia for the second game in seven days this Saturday at Legion Field. The match is live on Fox Soccer Channel at 4 p.m. CT with Dave Johnson and Lori Walker calling the action.


Roman028 said...

The match is live on Fox Soccer Channel, but is it also live on With Matchtracker??

Because we don't have Fox Soccer Channel in the Netherlands and I like to follow the match live.

Too bad FSC is not available here..

Lehna said...
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Lehna said...

If only i lived by a WNT worthy soccer feild... -jealous-