Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Scholes and Pedicure

U.S. midfielder Carli Lloyd is a huge Barcelona fan. Defender India Trotter fancies Manchester United. Both have been seen the last few days wearing the jerseys of their respective clubs. With the two storied teams squaring off today in the second leg of the Champions League semifinal, they put a little wager on the outcome...a pedicure for the winner paid for by the loser. Well, India's toes will be looking real nice soon. (Not like they don't look nice already...) Lloyd was seen this afternoon not in her Barcelona jersey (Note: She owns many items of Barcelona gear), but in a black t-shirt. We're not sure if she was in mourning, or it was just a cute outfit. Probably both. The irony here? Paul Scholes dazzling game-winning goal from distance for Man U was similar to several Lloyd has scored for the USA. Speaking of Scholes, they call him the Ginger Prince over in Manchester. Now sure if anyone remembers, but we tried to start a new nickname for Lori Chalupny during the World Cup: The Ginger Princess. It never caught on. But the WNT Blog still think it fits, not only for her similar hair color to Scholes, but for her equally impressive work rate, selflessness and ability to strike a wonderful goal on occasion. We swear, one media member picks this up and it will take off...Ok, maybe not. (Note: Thanks to the fan in St. Louis last year who had the Ginger Princess sign. Way to represent...)

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Roman028 said...

I Like the WNT
I Like Carli Loyd
I Like FC Barcelona

It all fits together. :D