Friday, May 2, 2008

Cat Media Tour

If the sports fans of Birmingham didn't already know Cat Whitehill, they do now. (Of course, they did already...Not too many female Olympians from Birmingham). Cat has hit the media hard this week, doing several radio interviews, numerous TV and newspaper interviews, and this morning she went live on the Fox 6 morning show from the soccer field by her church, which is also where she went to middle school and the place where she played soccer as a little girl. Lauren Cheney and India Trotter joined for two live segments, the second of which featured the ladies taking shots at sportscaster Jeh Jeh Pruit. Unfortunately for Jeh Jeh and fortunately for the viewers, Cat nailed him in the chest with her shot...and those who know Cat's game know that she can pound a soccer ball. Sorry Jeh Jeh! But good TV none the less.

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