Friday, June 20, 2008

Arrival at Suwon WC Stadium

The team has arrived at the spectacular Suwon World Cup Stadium and pre-game preparations are underway. If you read the pre-game notes you might have seen that the weather was forecast to be very hot today. Whoops. Even Korean weathermen get it wrong sometimes. It's in the high 70s, but there is a nice breeze, a heavy cloud cover and almost no humidity, in short, perfect conditions for soccer. It's actually the coolest day the USA has experienced here in Korea except for the one day when it rained. Above, Lindsay Tarpley and Heather O'Reilly check out the fantastic pitch and below Tobin Heath makes new new friends among the boys will will accompany the teams onto the field.

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Yana said...

looking more than forward to the game!!! ill be up here at 2am following on matchtracker,, best wishes!!!