Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day Off at the DMZ

The U.S. team got the day from training today, which was just as well as the team has played two tough matches in three days and it was raining pretty hard all day is Seoul. In the morning, a bunch of the players and staff took a trip to the DMZ. Check out a few pics from the trip.

U.S. players on the Bridge of No Return. The DMZ is actually a rare and vibrant natural preserve as plant and animal life has thrived un-bothered by humans in the 155 mile by 2.5 mile strip of land for the past 50+ years.

The U.S. team gets an overview of the DMZ through a topographic map and presentation by a UNC (United Nations Command) soldier from New Zealand.

The New Kids pose with their U.S. Army escorts for the tour.

The U.S. team got a tour of Tunnel 3, one of four tunnels the North Koreans tried to build (none were completed before being discovered) to potentially sneak spies or possibly troops into South Korea. The one mile-long tunnel is just just over six-feet high at its high points and about seven feet wide, so hard hats were mandatory as Lindsay Tarpley shows. This just in: Tunnel 3 is no place for anyone with claustrophobia. The tunnel actually penetrates 475 yards south of the Military Demarcation Line and was dug 240 feet below below ground.

The U.S. team poses with some other visitors to the DMZ. We think they were Air Force personnel. In the background you can see North Korea and the MDL. It's the only place in the DMZ where the North and South connect.


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