Monday, June 16, 2008

Euros No; Lakers & Tiger, Yes

In an ironic twist partially attributed to time zones, the European Championships are not on TV at the team hotel in Seoul. It wouldn't make much difference if they were, though, as the matches are being played in the middle of the night in South Korea, so the U.S. players have to wait until the next morning to get the results. Some of the players have turned into Sweden fans, wanting U.S. head coach Pia Sundhage to be in a good mood following the Sweden matches. (Who are we kidding? Pia is always in a good mood anyway). While they players can't watch the Euros, the U.S. Open Golf Tournament and the Lakers-Celtics NBA Championship series are on live here. Most of the players are cheering for the Celtics and Tiger Woods. Perhaps Tiger is a Sweden fan too? His Swedish wife is from Skelleftea (we found that out from the WNT fitness coach, Helena Andersson, who is also from Skelleftea), where the USA will be playing Sweden on July 5. We'll leave a pair of tickets for him should he want to attend the match.


Morgan said...

I am so excited that i found this blog! there is pretty much no where else where i can find info about the wnt!


No European Championships on tv?
Too bad :P, because The Netherlands are unstoppable. First they defeated the former European Champion, Italy, with 3-0 and they defeated the former vice-Champion, the French, with 3-1.

If Sweden wins over Rusland, they become 2nd in poule D and that means they will play against the Dutch.

When it is about men's soccer, I'm supporting the Dutch team. If it is about women's soccer, I'm defitnely for the US WNT.

GO WNT! (btw, nice win over Brazil :D )

Fred said...

Good luck Ladies! I enjoyed the game Sunday and victory over a tough Aussie team. Good Game management and a well deserved win.

Good to meet a few of the players at the hotel Saturday (Tasha, Carli, Christie and Rylie!) and say hello to Tasha after the match as she came off the pitch. I am old the runner guy in the elevator. Anyhow, you all are first class on and off the fieldand I am proud to have you represent our country.

Looking forward to seeing USA at the final!! Also looking forward to the Match against Brasil in my home town Denver!!!

U S A !!!