Friday, June 20, 2008

We All Scream for Ice Cream!

It was a very hot day at training today so somehow the idea of stopping for ice cream on the way back from practice took hold and spread like wild fire amongst the U.S. players. In fact, as the team boarded the bus after training a chant of "Ice Cream! Ice Cream" rose from the troops. Rylie Rampone, U.S. defender Christie Rampone's three year-old daughter even asked U.S. head coach Pia Sundhage, "Aunt Pia, can we stop for ice cream?" How could she refuse? Special thanks to assistant coach Erica Walsh who paid for the assortment of frozen treats. Truth be told, most players went for popsicles, including Amy Rodriguez, above, who chose the Big Shark, and trust us when we say it was delicious (the WNT Blog had the same), but it had to be a interesting site as an entire busload of women's soccer player in U.S. training gear emptied onto a busy street and packed into a 7-11 to pick out their popsicles.


Kylie said...

Because the first thing I think of when I see ice cream is 'shark.'

But awww, how can you tell Rylie no??

I guess you can't, considering you all ended up getting ice cream...

Changy 12 said...

hahah in korean it says, Big JAWS :)