Saturday, June 14, 2008

Peace Cup Prep

The U.S. team has been treated extremely well so far here in South Korea. The hotel is one of the best ever, the food is fantastic, the people bend over backwards to help you, the interest in the tournament has been high and the organization is superb. But outside of training, the team really hasn't been doing that much except going to the coffee shop in the hotel to get the wireless Internet. So a night out at the Hard Rock Cafe was a big deal. Check out this short video as the USA's winds down toward its Peace Queen Cup opener.

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Naakai said...

Martynnny found a way for us to watch the Peace Queen Cup Live on,just download it and you can watch the game live. As a matter fact am watching the korea-New Zealand game right now and New Zealand is leading by 1-nil. Although it's in korean just scroll down and click on sports.