Saturday, June 14, 2008

These Kids Are Alright

The U.S. team is certainly used to kids coming to watch training sessions in the United States, but it was nice to see some American kids at training today, all the sons and daughters of U.S. military personnel or government workers. The players were more than happy to oblige with some pics, autographs and conversation. Hopefully it was a nice treat for the youngsters who live so far from their home country...and now the U.S. players know they can count on some vocal support during the Peace Queen Cup matches in Suwon.


John said...

I hope everyone knows that they can watch the games on the Internet.

Socchop said...

We are cheering from the US- GO TEAM!!

SeoulRob said...

Thanks US Women's Team!!! It was great meeting you yesterday...thanks for taking the time to chat with our kids. We will be there all week and at the Final to cheer you on!!!

abby said...

thnx for the place on ur site
means alot to me and my team
from Abby and Jamie
Abby Wamback had better score a goal
hope u guys do great in the Olympics ur fan club from korea

Great game today we were there chearing u guys on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pie is awsome!!!