Saturday, June 14, 2008

Take That, Tyra

Angela Hucles is America's Top Model...As in America's Women's Soccer Team. Hucles and players from four other teams strutted their stuff on the runway last night during the Peace Queen Cup Welcome Reception last night in Suwon that was capped by a high fashion show from famed Korean designer Andre Kim. The show, which took place at the picturesque Suwon Castle, featured several slickly produced videos and kicked off with several speeches, including one from the president of the Asian Football Association, Mohamed bin Hammam of Qatar. She show also featured performances by Korean pop star Tim (he's actually from Philly and went to Temple, and truth be told, the dude can really sing) and the Spice Girl-esque quartet called Brown Eyed Girls. Both acts drew quite a few screams from the younger set in what was a very large crowd. It was so large in fact that it momentarily stunned Hucles, who admitted that during her her walk "the runway seemed a A LOT longer that it did during rehearsal." All-in-all, a fantastic and well-produced show put on by the Peace Cup organizers, and yet another sign that this tournament is a cut above.


Zar000000 said...

OH My Ms Hucles ! Looking good!

Dani said...

Temple represents!!!