Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Snow is Glistening...

It's snowing in Detroit.

About 3-4 inches are expected to fall tonight which of course won't impact the match against China tomorrow as it's being played indoors and according to locals, won't impact the locals too much either, who apparently treat 3-4 inches of snow as a Californian would treat one inch of rain.

The team went out to dinner at a restaurant that was a short distance from the hotel, but it was a snowy walk through a winter wonderland that everyone seemed to enjoy, including Christie Rampone who crafted some snowballs (above), and her daughter Rylie, who seemed to rejoice in throwing mini-snowballs at Rampone's teammates, and her mom.

Italian dinner...gooooood.


Edward said...

I can't wait to see some "real" football played at Ford Field Wednesday night. Hopefully the snow is cleared at the Ticketmaster to I can get my tix and bring my boys to see this historic event at Ford Field!

Mona said...

i wish it would snow here =\