Monday, December 15, 2008


In case you didn't see, announced the first four 2008 Best of U.S. Soccer Awards today and the 'ole WNT Blog picked up a bronze. That's right, for the second year in a row, the WNT Blog finished third behind Soccer By Ives and Soccer Insider (Steve Goff's always entertaining Blog for the Washington Post). Last year Goff edged Ives, but this year Ives flipped Goff. Still, coming on strong with 14% of the vote was the WNT Blog, which apparently did win the electoral college, but not the popular vote. (We're big in California, Texas and Florida). But we digress (as we are known to do on the WNT Blog). Thanks VERY MUCH to all the fans who read the blog and who voted for us this year, because as we all know, blogin' ain't easy. The WNT Blog will take much-needed break after this match vs. China on Wednesday, but will be back in late January as the U.S. team regroups to begin its 2009 schedule.


Miles said...

Thank you WNT BLOG! This thing keeps me going when the team is on a break, keeps me updated when they're not, and always, ALWAYS keeps me entertained. Where would we be without stories from the road about spur-of-the-moment ice cream runs, updates on storm-delayed matches, or Guitar Hero videos?

I absolutely love reading, so thank YOU guys for everything you do here, goodness knows we don't get enough WNT everywhere else. <3

northern-star said...

Thank you for all your work to keep the fans up-to-date with the WNT!
And congratulations with the third place.

zoe said...

yes, thank you SO MUCH! it is so fun and entertaining to read the blog everday and it always keeps me updated!

keep up the strong work!