Sunday, December 14, 2008

Up, Up and Away

After countless practices at The Home Depot Center in which the U.S. WNT players have seen the Goodyear Blimp float overhead, a few players finally got a blimp-eye view of what the HDC looks like instead of vice-versa. The west coast blimp, the Spirit of America, is based just minutes from the HDC, right around the corner in fact, and the PR folks at Goodyear invited the Olympic gold medallists to take a ride (it's invitation only and not so easy to get one), but because there are only six passenger seats and the team's schedule was packed this week, just six players got the honor. Shannon Boxx, a Torrance, Calif., native was one who took a ride and she got to see her house and her high school. The players also got to cruise over the Pacific Ocean as well. The verdict? If you ever get the chance to take a blimp ride, do it.

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Kylie said...

The picture has a double meaning!!

Not only did those players get to ride in the blimp, but the entire team had a 'Good Year!' Alright, they did better than just 'good'-and that was a horrible pun-but you get the picture =]