Monday, December 15, 2008

Welcome to Detroit

After a nice Sunday off in Los Angeles, the U.S. team left a rainy Southern California this morning for the flight to chilly Detroit. The flight was delayed as someone found some water under a seat and in order to make sure the problem was fixed, they had to "pressurize" the cabin, meaning that everyone who was already on the plane (about 75% maybe?) had to de-plane. They got the problem fixed, re-boarded and the flight was smooth with the team landing in Detroit at about 6:40 p.m. Temperatures have dipped into the teens tonight and a high of 26 degrees is forecast for tomorrow. That's right, a high of 26. Thank goodness for domed stadiums, as the USA will train at Ford Field tomorrow for its one practice in Detroit before taking on China there on Wednesday night. Fans can follow the final U.S. WNT match of 2008 on's MatchTracker. The U.S. team is staying at a wonderful hotel here in suburban Detroit that features a very "Christmas-y" fireplace in the lobby. If you are anywhere cold, just stare at this pic for a while. It should warm you up.

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