Friday, August 31, 2007

Buckets of Sweat

Boy, was it hot at training today. It was the kind of heat that makes you sweat just standing still. It’s kind of heat that just wraps you in a big oppressive hug and won’t let go. It was so hot that the Chinese chickens were laying hard-boiled eggs. It was so hot that…ok enough of that. But seriously, it was easily over 100-degress on the heat index (were not sure what the heat index is, but it makes it seem even hotter). The U.S. team had an excellent training, working hard for 90 minutes, which will no doubt help get them acclimated to the weather and time zone. The squad played an 11 v. 11 scrimmage for 20 minutes at the end of training. Forward Heather O’Reilly scored the lone goal of the game on a breakaway. We haven’t mentioned yet that the USA’s training facility at Shenhua FC is excellent. There are 10 fields, dorms, administrative buildings and a small stadium. The playing surfaces on the USA’s two designated fields are first rate. It’s fairly secluded and the most wide open space one is likely to experience in Shanghai. After encountering frogs and dragon flies during the first two trainings, the only fauna spotted today was a lone, stray dog. He was sort of skinny so some players thought he might be coyote, but there aren’t any coyotes in China are there? He suspiciously eyed the U.S. players from a distance and then went on his way.

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Impedient said...

10 Fields!? Whoa that's really insane! Keep the hilarious posts coming, lovin' it!