Thursday, August 30, 2007

Walk This Way, No That Way…

The players took a team walk during the late afternoon before dinner that served multiple purposes: Stretch the legs, keep the players alert as they battle jet leg, see some of the city. The team strolled down the Bund, an historic area of the Huangpu District of Shanghai which runs along the western bank of the Huangpu River and offers a stunning view of massive skyscrapers and a unique skyline. The team then walked down Zhongshan Road, a major shopping street, before heading back to the hotel. Angela Hucles pulled a Penn Jillete-esque slight of hand on Leslie Osborne, first stealing her money and then pretending to help her look for it on the ground. She eventually came clean, much to Osborne’s relief and both players amusement. Truth be told, no walk in Shanghai is entirely relaxing, with the endless amount of motor bikes, constant motion, as well as the amazing amount of construction and demolition. Needless to say, you must always be dodging cars, people, bikes or buses. However, the walk was enjoyable for the U.S. players as it was the first team outing in China and definitely helped in the process of slowly adjusting to the time zone.

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