Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It’s a “Barnie”

Many of the players have hidden talents (although we’re not quite sure what they are, ‘cause they’re hidden), but goalkeeper Nicole Barnhart apparently has some artistic talent. The studio art (and psychology) major at Stanford has been spending some time sketching to pass the time in China and agreed to share one of her works with us. It’s not currently for sale, but any offers will be closely considered by Nicole. It’s a sketch of Jinli Street in Chengdu, an ancient Chinese street that was re-gentrified in 2004 and featured on the Sept. 13 of "Studio 90: China '07".


Mary said...

WOW - Team USA is certainly full of multi-talented people!! Nicole's painting is cool. Coach Ryan can really strike up a good tune on his electric guitar. I'm sure the other hidden 'treasures' have yet to be uncovered/revealed. Can you tell us more?

bigfoot said...

Hello, World Cuppers!

Sorry for the interruption. I know Team USA is just a tad busy right now getting ready to "toast some english bagels", as I like to say (translation: "Kick Some British Butts!"), in a couple days, but after seeing Nicole Barnhart's artwork, I wanted to ask if she might be interested in designing some soccer t-shirts after she gets back to the States with the first place trophy. Here's my contact info if she's interested.

Brent Jablonski
Kansas City, MO

Good luck at the game!

And fyi, my hidden talent is being handsome.

Impedient said...

Really pretty!

Now there's an artist on board!

valekendall said...

Mary, you forgot Natasha with her Ukulele! She's gettin' pretty good! I love Nicole's sketch! Is it signed and dated? I'd pay $150 for it (I don't mean to be insulting, that's just all I've got right now). I am SO pumped and SO looking forward to watching this game Saturday! Ladies of the WNT, we just want you all to know that we are SOOO proud of all of you! You are AWESOME!