Thursday, September 20, 2007

That's Just My Boot Bag

The USA’s training site at Tianjin Sports School is excellent. Great field, close to the hotel, and easy to control access. And before we go any further, we must say that the security around the U.S. team has been phenomenal from the moment the USA arrived in China, but today’s training was a bit overboard. Each player and staff had to walk through a metal detector (a la airport security) before entering the pitch. There were armed SWAT team guys surrounded the field looking out, away from the field, at the surrounding buildings the whole time. No doubt the local organizing committee is training for the 2008 Olympics, as Tianjin will host soccer matches for both men and women, but as far as we know, cherubic Lori Chalupny (or any of her teammates) are not a threat to the security of their own team, and probably should be let on the field without passing their a metal detector.

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Impedient said...

Oh dang, what luck! Security is good in a way, bad in a way but yea, they should let her in! C'mon!!