Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Typhoon Watch

Fortunately, the "super typhoon" that was forecasted to hit Shanghai never really did. Oh, there was rain and high winds, but the brunt of the storm hit about 240 miles to the south and wreaked havoc to the tune of $400 million in damage and major flooding. Typhoon Wipha was the most devastating typhoon to hit China in a decade and 40,000 fishing boats were forced into the harbour or out to sea. There were two million people evacuated from coastal areas, the biggest evacuation since the Communist Revolution in 1949. As of this posting, it was still raining a bit in Shanghai, but the typhoon was downgraded to a tropical storm and the USA should have no problems (knock on wood) with travel tomorrow to Tianjin, which is just a two-hour flight north.


Impedient said...

Good thing the typhoon didn't hit!

Alice said...

Glad to here you are safe. and you girls are doing super. keep it up !

angie said...

I am so glad everyone is ok even the natives. Man i love this team. I love em, I love em, I love em. They are awesome, esp abby! She is one tough chic! Go Team USA! I'm a watchin'!