Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Carli Coyote

We can laugh at this because Carli Lloyd is fine, but the U.S. midfielder took a spill of epic proportions today at training. We mentioned below about the poor quality of the field...well Carli has seen the dirt up close and personal. Known as one of the most skillful players on the U.S. team, her excellent touch could do nothing to prevent her toe apparently catching a big 'ole divot while running full speed at goal during a shooting drill. Picture famed cartoon character Wile Coyote getting duped yet again by the Road Runner and falling headfirst into a patch of dirt. As Lloyd hit the ground, there was actual skidding involved for about three yards, which caused a huge cloud of dust to fly up before she finally came to rest at the top of the penalty area. The entire team went silent for a moment before realizing that Lloyd was ok, followed by every player bursting into fits of laughter. Poor Carli did get a nice raspberry on the side of her hip, but was no worse for wear as she got up and dusted herself off.

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