Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Penguin Returns

Three U.S. players made the FIFA All-Star Team at the 2006 Under-20 Women's World Championship in Russia. One was midfielder Amanda Poach, who missed all of last college season at Santa Clara while recovering from a torn ACL, but was the USA's linchpin in midfield during the WC. Four members of the U.S. team in Mexico for Olympic Qualifying played on that U-20 team and were surprised to look down at their CONCACAF team delegation credentials to see a picture of...that's right, Poach. Nicknamed "The Penguin" due to her unique running style (if you've seen her play, you know what we're talking about), we always knew she was destined for stardom, but we didn't know it would be through having her image (we think it's from a U-20 qualifying game against Canada) printed on every single credential at Olympic qualifying. See Poach on the credential above. No, not on the left...that's U.S. equipment manager Andrew Dessert looking like he just got booked at the local police station. That's Poach (#7) on the right.

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