Saturday, April 5, 2008

Un Juego Grande

The promotion of the Women's Olympic Qualifying Tournament here in Ciudad Juarez has been impressive. Of course, Mexicans love soccer and without many major events in this city, it seems the fans have embraced the tournament and their team. The buzz and media coverage for the USA-Mexico clash and the overall awareness for the tournament has been excellent with the Mexican media in as big of a frenzy as they could be for women's soccer. A sample of a few translated headlines from today's papers:

"A jewel waiting to be polished" referring to the Mexican WNT.
"With their sights set on the USA" as Mexico focuses on the big game.
"It's in their blood" for a feature on Mexican midfielder Monica Vergara and her family.
"USA shows dominance" about the Americans victory over Jamaica.
"Their objective is the top" as Mexico tries to win this tournament.
"They have their destiny IN THEIR HANDS"...'nuff said.

With the sell-out crowed at Estadio Olimpico Benito Juarez expected to arrive early and be in full voice for the entire game, the USA is in for a wild night (as they saw during the Mexico-Jamaica match when the frenzied crowd spurred Mexico to a dominating victory). No matter the result, the fans will certainly will be treated to an exciting, emotional and attack filled match.


flowers said...

i live in el paso. We're all rooting for you over here. If the tournament had been in the Sun Bowl which is like 20 min away from your playing i think there'd be more americans in the stands. Its really hard to get back over the border now which is another reason why it'll be mostly mexicans. Im still gonna try and go if not Best of Luck I'll be cheering from home.

Emily(LOVES US SOCCER) said...

america needs this kind of support for womens soccer!!