Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dusty and Dark

The USA's late afternoon practice today revealed that the training field is, well, not ideal. With just a bit more grass than dirt, and pocked with small rocks, the field is quite hard and just a little bit dangerous. But that didn't stop the team from having an intense training session that ended with about 15 minutes of 11 v. 11 in near darkness as the flood lights didn't do much flooding. (See Angela Hucles and Lindsay Tarpley warming down above). It reminded some of the players of club practices "back in the day" that took place in dusky light on bumpy fields. Nostalgia aside, there could be some sore feet tomorrow. Needless to say, the goalkeepers ended up quite dirty at the end of the training but it always seems that the GKs like getting dirty? Long story short, as they say, if you can play on a field like this, you can play on anything.

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