Saturday, April 5, 2008

Short Turnaround

After a bit of an odd game last night against Jamaica (who plays an offside trap against the USA and for the most part actually makes it work?), the players have just one day to rest and recuperate before facing Mexico for the Group A title tomorrow afternoon. Mexico played last Wednesday, so they've had three days of rest to prepare for the clash with the USA. The Mexican team was at the USA's game last night and when they left mid-way through the second half, it elicited one of the loudest ovations of the night as the fans serenaded them with chats of "Mexico! Mexico! Mexico!" as they exited the stadium. While the Mexican fans were surely cheering for the Jamaicans last night, it was good-natured and it seemed like they were just warming up for Sunday's clash, which will be played under the hot sun at 1:30 p.m. MT. For those a bit confused about the game times here in Juarez. When the USA arrived, Juarez was on Pacific Time. Early Sunday morning, Juarez changes to daylight savings time (Mexico "springs forward" later than the USA apparently), meaning the kickoff times for the USA's next three matches will be Mountain Time. We don't want you missing any of the game if you are a MatchTracker devotee. This morning, the players who played heavy minutes headed to a local pool for a workout while the rest of the team will train on the field.

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Austin said...

Good Luck to the team tomorrow! I was at the Hangzhou game and saw how tough it is for the team when the crowd is cheering against the US. Maybe the Mexico crowd will be louder than the Chinese??? Please Say "Hello" :) to Cat from Austin in Columbus (we met in Shanghai). Thanks for the great bloggin'