Sunday, January 25, 2009

Rookie Featured

Masar, second from left, suits up for Team Strommen in the Norway First Division
We hope you took a few minutes to read this unique feature on WNT rookie Ella Masar, and if you did, you'd learn that she scored a goal in the Norwegian Cup Final last year. Through the magic of YouTube, you can see it here. In another interesting sidenote, prior to last summer's U-23 Nordic Cup, a friend of Masar's brother bet him $1,000 that she couldn't score two goals in an international match. Sure enough, she scored twice against the Germans in the championship game. Her brother got the cash and Masar says that for the next wager, she's getting a commission.


Yana said...

ooo i wana win a bet like that :P

SAL said...

Dude, Ella is HOT!