Friday, January 30, 2009

Sorry Ella!

Two days ago in training, during a relatively normal 50/50 challenge, U.S. midfielder Kacey White accidentally elbowed Ella Masar in the face. Result: Broken nose. Three things you need to know: 1) Kacey felt really, really bad and apologized profusely. 2) Ella's nose is fine. Doesn't even look out of place or anything, just a tiny bit swollen. 3) Total time Ella missed from training? About a minute. That's right, girls from Illinois are tough. Yes, it hurts a bit to run and she is not heading the ball, but Ella hasn't missed any training. She will need some surgery next week to clear a nasal passage, but that shouldn't slow down the Chicago Red Stars draft pick too much. Unfortunately, broken noses are not uncommon on the WNT. Ask Carli Lloyd and Kate Markgraf, both of whom got major knocks on the schnoz in the recent past and had to wear masks for a period of time.


Agatasoccerchick said...

uuuu that's gonna hurt for a while :(

Liz said...

yep! Illinois gals are tough! :)
glad to hear that she is okay.