Friday, January 30, 2009

Sharp in '11?

It's so nice in Los Angeles that the U.S. team is holding its meetings outdoors. Ok, just the above meeting, which was with reps from Nike to discuss the team's next kit, which will come out sometime prior to the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup. The players gave input into their game uniforms and training gear, listing their likes, dislikes, preferences, style, color, sizing and fabric. We know that the current WNT uniforms are pretty sweet, but if anyone has any suggestions of what they'd like to see their favorite Women's National Team wear in 2011, feel free to comment. We're not promising the input will make it to Nike, and we know its pretty hard to improve on the current sharpness of the WNT gear, but any insightful comments will be posted.


dream11 said...

I think the uniforms would be very nice if they had navy and yellow stripes except for the sleeves which could be navy and have a small red line starting from one wrist to the other (if the shirt is long sleeve or else from one shoulder to the other if short sleeve). I know yellow isn't part of the US flag but I think it would make it different and special just like the golden jersey.

Alooch said...

i think the uniforms should be red white and blue just like our country's colors. Don't get me wrong the gold in awesome, but to me it seems to be a bit cocky. Yes we are the best team but we are representing our country. Maybe on the left sleeve have Gold stars since it is close to your heart.

eagle#18 said...

they should go back to red jerseys for "away" games. the gold jerseys are awesome but they do seem a little cocky and it's not really US colors. the stars can be gold..
one thing for sure though, no stripes. I think solid-colored jerseys are better. Our current jerseys are my favorite WNT jerseys though.

Anonymous said...

Definitely have a new red jersey.
I miss that old red "away" jersey.
Red, white, and blue; our country's colors. The gold is nice, but would also love to see the red again!

DancinGirl said...

Personally, I would like to see something iconic. Something that you don't need a crest or anything to say "hey, thats the US WNT." Look at countries such as Brazil, Argentina, and the Netherlands, to name a few.