Monday, January 26, 2009

Too Easy

We asked you to name the eight players in WNT camp who had won a Women's World Cup, and yeah, that trivia question was a bit too easy. Credit goes to "F#3" who correctly pegged the great eight.

Christie Rampone - 1999 FIFA WWC
Rachel Buehler - 2002 FIFA U-19 WWC
Lindsey Tarpley - 2002 FIFA U-19 WWC
Heather O'Reilly - 2002 FIFA U-19 WWC
Lori Chalupny - 2002 FIFA U-19 WWC
Angie Woznuk - 2002 FIFA U-19 WWC
Kendall Fletcher - 2002 FIFA U-19 WWC
Christine Nairn -- 2008 FIFA U-20 WWC

We'll try to come up with something more challenging next time, but for now, we present your WWC champs:

(L to R) Woznuk, Buehler, Nairn, Fletcher, Rampone, Tarpley, Chalupny. (Front) O'Reilly

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MARDELLE said...

Excellent I missed it big time now I know. :)