Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Air Wozzy Flight 12 Cleared for Takeoff

Hug me!

If you are a coach, you have to love young players scoring big goals in a big game, especially as they had combined for a grand total of 7 caps and 1 goal coming into the match. That's what happened today as Angie Woznuk and Tina DiMartino, incredibly skillful players not previously known as "mudders" scored in the rain in Lagos, Portugal, their second and first-ever goals respectively. Woznuk's half-volley from a near impossible angle was, dare we say, "Hamm-like" and she topped if off with her trademark airplane celebration. Give DiMartino credit for an opportunistic goal as the USA's smallest player was first to the rebound of a Natasha Kai header against the towering Danes.

Tina D sneaks in to finish smartly, nutmegging the out of frame Danish player at the left post


Pearce3USA said...

Congrats on the win! Great way to start off the year! :)

MARDELLE said...

Watching Air Wozzy playing Soccer as a kid I nicked named her "Dancing Feet" she had magic in her step way to go Angie..!! :)