Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Competition Continues...

The almost daily competition amongst the U.S. players at the Algarve Cup continued today with a post-practice challenge that we like to call "Closest to the Wall." The players, in teams of two, tried to get a soccer ball to stop closest to a wall adjecent to the field on what was about a 50-yard kick. The winners? A very happy Heather Mitts and Kendall Fletcher. (See above). Mitts kick stopped just a few feet from the wall. The defenders seem to be ruling the competitions this trip. Tonight, there was another competition -- WNT Trivia - that pitted the Blonds vs. the Brunettes. Each team had to answer 10 questions, five multiple choice and five in which they had to know the answers. The Brunettes edged the Blonds to earn the overall competition points for the dark-haired players. Below is an example of some of the questions from the game.

How many players have been capped in the history of the full U.S. Women's National Team?
a) 113
b) 182
c) 221
d) 302

Counting youth and senior Women's World Cups, and the Olympic Games tournaments, which player on the Algarve Cup roster has scored the most goals in world championship tournaments?

The players got both of the above correct. Can you match the WNT's knowledge?


prairie said...

"Blonds vs. the Brunettes"

Presumably Chalupny was the moderator?

eagle#18 said...

the first one is b.
the second one is HAO.