Sunday, March 1, 2009

Long Ball Champs - SD Rules

The U.S. team held another team competition after training today, this one consisting of hitting long balls into a relatively small area on a fence surrounding the field, with increased distances from each round. It was basically kicking field goals with a soccer ball. Today's champs? Rachel Buehler and Angie Woznuk, but truth be told, Buehler carried the day. The way the game works is that each partner gets a chance to make it, and just one needs to suceed to move to the next round. If the first player makes it, the second doesn't have to try. Woznuk never took a kick. Buehler made it every time, smacking her last one from 40 yards out. "This game plays to my strengths," said the central defender. Below, Heather O'Reilly does her best Cristiano Ronaldo impression as she lines up her attempt.

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Denise said...

Haha! Cristiano Ronaldo totally does that!!!