Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

If you are an Amy Rodriguez fan (and who isn't? Well, perhaps anyone who had to play against her in the Pac-10), you probably know that she often wears her trademark headband during games, especially her lucky green one. Not only is it functional to keep the wispy bangs out of her eyes, but they look good too. Damn good. As A-Rod is heading straight from Portugal to pre-season training with the Boston Breakers of the WPS, she had to bring her entire collection of head bands with her. At left, she displays her current collection. Which one will she wear tomorrow against Denmark? It could be a game-time decision. But the blue one with stars (above) is pretty cute.


Kat said...

the blue one is really purty. plus it's blue - for red, white and blue

eagle#18 said...

A-rod is awesome. I think the "cute blue one" should be saved for Boston games.

vanillaspice said...

use the PINK one A-RoD!!!!