Sunday, September 23, 2007

Aussie Heart

And the USA will face Brazil in the semifinals. Brazil defeated Australia 3-2 tonight in what was an extremely gutsy effort for the Matlidas, coming from two goals down to tie the game, only to give up a brilliant score to Cristiane in the 75th minute as she smacked a shot into the upper right corner from the top of the box with five defenders around her. Yeah, Australia only took four shots, but they scored on two of them. Yeah, Brazil was not firing on all cylinders, but they are still Brazil. And yeah, after Australia tied the game, the possibility of holding on for 45 more minutes (through overtime) were slight, but it was a lot better performance than the pundits expected from Australia. And one of Brazil’s goals came after a dubious penalty kick call. This will be the second time the USA has faced Brazil in a Women’s World Cup semifinal, also playing in 1999 on July 4 at Stanford Stadium, a 2-0 U.S. win on goals from Cindy Parlow and Michelle Akers.


valekendall said...

I agree. I have the feeling Australia will be even bigger contenders in the next world cup. They definitely have the heart for it!

R. Blunt said...

There was a missed call around the 85th minute, when Munoz was tackled in the box-- It really should have been a penalty kick for Australia. Those were some big calls to miss, +1 and -1.

faloonish said...

i never leave messages but i love soccer and i couldn't resist this time. how sad that brazil is going on and austraila is going home. absolutely poor officiating sends an undeserving team forward. brazil played like men as far as taking dives, holding the ball when it was australias free kick, falling when they were just getting bumped and then looking to the ref for a call. just because your brazil doesn't mean you should be able to move on especially when from the television view you didn't earn it.
next to the u.s. team of course australia is one of my new favorites and i hope the u.s. spanks brazil and shows them whats its like to play a real game.