Saturday, September 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Rylie!

Today was the birthday of one of the U.S. team’s favorite people, well, babies. Rylie Rampone, daughter of defender Christie Rampone, and the unofficial team mascot, turned two today. On the way to training, the team sang Happy Birthday into Rampone’s cell phone to Rylie, who was on the other end. (Yes, in 2007 even two-year-olds use cell phones.) Rylie didn’t really know what was going on saying something like, “lots of noise mommy” but the sentiment was sincere. The team had a birthday party for her in the afternoon, with cake and tons of presents. For a two-year-old who has traveled abroad far more than the average American adult, a birthday in China was somehow appropriate. With the Olympics running from Aug. 6-24 in 2008, Rylie should be able to celebrate her third birthday at home. Although, if the U.S. team isn’t around, it might mean less presents.

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