Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Germans to Final

A bit of a strange semifinal tonight between Germany and Norway. The Norwegians played some awesome soccer in the first half. They may not have hit even one long ball (gasp!), keeping the ball on the ground and working their way through the German defense to create more than a few scoring opportunities. It was some great soccer by Norway and some typical dangerous counter-attacking by Germany. Of course, the Germans were too strong in the end, but the goals were a bit wacky. They scored an own goal, off a deflection from a shot by a defender and through a substitute forward who picked off a poor back pass. But they all count the same and credit the Germans for getting the ball in dangerous spots where things can happen. The Germans will now have one more day of rest than their opponent in the World Cup Final, which will be played on Sept. 30 at the Shanghai Hongkou Stadium.


RĂ¼diger said...

"Der Pokal hat seine eigenen Gesetze" - the cup has its own rules, as we say in Germany;-)

Good luck for the match against Brazil, i would love to see a final USA vs. Germany - it´s already a classic!

Greetings from Cologne

dobremarush said...

Sorry, I am from Germany my Englisch is not the best but I must say Norway played well in first half over the wings and Germany plays not very good. Very much faultpasses. But they were very good organisist and give Norway not much Chances. Germanys first goal was a little bit lucky, but no risk no fun.Then Norway had their best chance. Ich asked me why Norway played so passive in 2 Half. There were 45 to play and they have given up in 2 half.
It was a professionell Game from Germany. I thing before Cup startet there were many people who said the Final will be USA vs. Germany.In the Worldcup or Olympic Hystory were the Teams played. This Team that has beaten USA wins the Worldcup and that team that has beaten Germany that wins the Worldcup and that team that has beaten USA or Germany in Olympia won Olympia. That are the Topteams in Womansoccer.