Sunday, September 23, 2007

Day Off

Tomorrow is a much deserved day off from training for the U.S. players. Many will spend some time with their friends and family, but the team will try to stay off its feet as much as possible to rest and recover after a tough game against England. There is, however, a brief shopping trip planned in the afternoon because you just can’t buy enough pearls and knock-off purses. Well, maybe you can.


Pete said...

Well deserved R&R. Would have been nice to get subs in a bit earlier once it was three nil. Aly Wagner and youngers who need WC experience would have rested earlier the starters and reduced the risk of injury / exposure. Oh well, I am now being picky. Well done coach Ryan.

valekendall said...

Have a GREAT day off! You ALL deserve it!! Thank you to the ENTIRE team. those that work on AND off the field - you are a group of truly awesome people!

We are The Fatty Fat Loosers said...

You have all played so great so far! Good luck in the Semis!


trafford1158 said...

Congratulations for a wonderful game against England. When Kristine Lily took the corner kick I knew something special was in the offing. And bam, we got the first goal! Also, a run from 10 to 15 yards out to the back post makes it very difficult for the opposing team to defend. Besides the glorious left-foot strike for the second goal, Shannon Boxx made a couple of nifty moves in the 78 minute to evade a couple of English players which almost resulted in another goal.

May I make a couple of remarks:

1) Our defense tends to back off towards 15 yards away from the goal line, thus allowing the opposing strikers the opportunity to pressure Hope with dangerous strikes on goal. Please notice how the German defense positions at 30 yards from goal during their game against Korea DPR, practically stopping the Korean players from advancing further. This in effect limited their options: can't cross the ball because the Germans are good on aerial battles, can't pass the ball deeper for fear of off-side.

2) Our defense tends to launch these long balls, thereby by-passing the mid-field play (more constructive and build-up play). This type of play may work once in a while (the third goal against England), but can become rather predictable.

3) Interchanging the tasks for corner kicks between Stephanie Lopez and Kristine Lily to confuse the opposition.

Wish you ladies a fun game against Brazil!