Saturday, September 29, 2007

Decision Made

U.S. head coach Greg Ryan, after consulting with the team, made the decision not to include Hope Solo in the team’s preparation for the Norway match or have her at the game, choosing to move forward with the 20 players in the best environment to enable the squad to bounce back and have success in the final match of the tournament. Quotes from today’s media session featuring Ryan and team leaders Kristine Lilly and Abby Wambach are available on


TheCrew said...

I feel bad for Hope Solo in this situation. She said what everyone in the U.S. was saying -- but she would have received so much more support if she'd managed to avoid the press.

Ryan still has to bear the responsibility of frustrating his team to the breaking point. And yeah, by the way, they broke.

JasOK said...

I do love that wording--"in the best environment..." ("Team leaders" isn't bad either: where does leadership come from?)

I wonder how much that bouncing back means at this point: in 2003, with all the disappointment we felt not going to the final, there was still a celebratory feeling toward the vets who had given so much (I remember crying with gratitude as they victory-lapped around the Home Depot Center). And the knowledge that there was still great soccer to be played the next day--Germany/Sweden--and up-and-coming teams (Canada, Brasil) held out so much promise of joys to come.

This year? what fan of the USWNT doesn't want the whole thing to be over--or to have never happened? We'll certainly enjoy seeing Germany and Brasil tomorrow. And if Canada and England and PRK can come on in the future, there should be good women's soccer to come for many years. But it's very very sad to see the US collapse in its acrimony and in its tedious, uni-dimensional play.

And certainly things can turn around in a hurry in sports: perhaps the US will be back as soon as the Olympics. We will be older and wiser, all of us, and more wary of joy.

Soccerman said...

So much for freedom of speech! As a US citizen, Hope should be able to say what she wishes. A soccer team is not a communist state... and though unity is important, you cannot squelch the freedom that our country was built on, which supercedes a "game"

AbbyForPresident said...

WOW how cold hearted do you have to be to not even want your teammate of almost 3 years in the same stadium as you. I know Hope messed up but my goodness Get over it.

Mandi said...

I'm not exactly sure if Hope reads these comments...but i hope she does. So Hope if you are reading this please take the time to listen to what I have to for the comments you made following the game vs. Brazil...I believe that you had every right to feel upset and confused and i do not blame you for that, for i too am a goalkeeper and know the mental strain and responsiblity f the position...however, i do believe that you could have handeled the situation in a much better manner...such as discussing it privately with your teamates and coach, and by now i am sure you understand that and regret your decision. But as for the statements you made to express your dissatisfaction...some of them were rather inappropriate and i hope that you can begin to see how they can be interpretted as degrading to both your teammates and coach...granted that ryan may have made a mistake...we will never know how the game would have been different as there are many factors that must be considered...but as for scurry, she was only doing what she was told and does not deserve to take the wrath for your misfortune... although this may be hard for you to accept, her being called to take part in a controvesial situation was as difficult for her as if was for you to sit and watch. I also am able to see what a difficult situation your other teammates were placed must be extremely hard for them to have to choose between 2 of their teammates. Please do not take this comment the wrong way...i am not trying to be critical, but am trying to state the facts so that you can come to gripps with the situation and solve this controversy as soon as possible. These upcoming months are going to be a difficult time for you as you attempt to regain the trust and commitment of your fellow teammates and I want to wish you the best of luck and offer my support. Emotions can get the best of all of us...after all we are human...but we must also deal with the fact that these emoions have their reprocussions. And just so you you dedicate yourself to this process I will be here waiting for you to make your reurn with strenghtened team relationships...we all make mistakes, but the way we respond to them is what makes us stronger...this is an obstacle you brought on yourself and hopefully you know that...but that does not mean you should have to face this journey alone....we will be here supporting you as long as you do your are my role model and always will be...please don't let us down...GOOD LUCK!!!

Tactless said...

Demonstrating unity through exclusion and altering the entire team dynamic 24 hours before the most important game in 3 years before hoisting the blame off onto others (it was the own goal's fault entirely? really?) and having your players deliver the news on your behalf.

Fascinating approach to team building you've got there, Greg.

Lisa said...

We are out here wondering if Ryan consulted the team or it's leaders before his series of unfortunate decisions.

We love our team. We love Scurry.
We love Solo.

Play on Ladies

trentsr said...

I agree with Solo. Scurry WAS a great goalie (probably one of the greatest) and Ryan made a bad decsion. However it was a team issue and she should've never brought it out into the public. Ryan had no choice but to bench her.

Ryan made a huge mistake and I'm thinking should cost him his job.

Mike said...

I am very disappointed by the actions of team USA.

The treatment of Hope Solo is unforgivable in my opinion. To chastise her from the team shows just what kind of team we have representing us.

The team has lost my support.

Bobby said...

I agree with that last comment before mine -- Ryan should lose his job. Putting Scurry in was a mistake. Banishing Solo was a bigger mistake.

Look, Solo was the reason I was interested in the USWNT's play in China. She's a great GK and to be cast away like this is crazy.

I realize nobody on the team (much less Ryan) will read this but I wish that guy knew what the fans thought about this "team" decision.


rch1 said...

We are Family? I wonder where the family is. It seems that we threw out the baby with the bath water. Hope's statement were out of line as was the action taken by the Team who doesn't seem to know that family's stick together in the hard times as well as the good ones. Or is this a case of the Coachs' nose being out of joint because he is being questioned as to his decision making.

R. Kane said...

This team keeps saying they are pulling together! I don't think so. The right thing to do would to have the goalie come to the team meeting and explain herself, they took the easy way out and went with the Coach. It was a shame not to see Solo at the medal ceremony. This team was not complete because they left the golie that got them there in a hotel buy herself. My daughter played soccer from the age of seven through College, she is now a teacher and has four children, three of them are playing soccer now. I am very proud of her and them. I got them tee shirts that reads" I play ball like a girl and that girl is my Mommy.
I 'm not at all proud of this team or their coach!