Monday, September 24, 2007

Two Captains

Former U.S. captain Julie Foudy, that’s ESPN’s Julie Foudy, came over to the hotel to today to interview current U.S. captain Kristine Lilly for an upcoming piece. They played some video bowling on camera, and let’s just say these are two competitive women. We can’t give away who won, but let’s just say Foudy was very good at picking up “spares” while Lilly was more of a “strike” striker.


valekendall said...

Kristine Lilly has my utmost admiration and respect. The way she leads the team by example and the way magic has a way of 'happening' whenever she gets the ball. I really wish people weren't talking like she isn't going to play anymore after this Cup. I mean, I respect that she may want to retire at this point and there are a lot of amazing 'up and comers' on this team to watch but nobody will ever replace Kristine Lilly; it will just be a big loss for the fans.

asiankp said...

Very cool. when will that air? before the us--brazil game?