Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Airport Images

Heather O'Reilly makes a new friend at the Shanghai Pudong Airport. This young lady was with the team from the time they de-boarded the plane until they got on the bus.

Hungry after the flight, but always a giving person, Lindsay Tarpley offers some trail mix to her teammates. Perhaps Tarp did not partake in the noodles with pork or steamed rice with beef that were offered on the plane? (The noodles were excellent).

The U.S. team had a surprise guest at the airport in Shenyang. As the "team kids" are not traveling with the USA during the Olympics (they are with their dads), and it's difficult to get the friends and family into the hotels for security reasons, the USA's "Rylie Rampone time" has been limited. But the players got a good dose in Shenyang before they boarded their flight to Shanghai. You might be able to keep Rylie Rampone out of a hotel, but never an airport check-in area.


zoetd said...

I hope as the WNT advance in the tournament they get more widely available TV coverage.

Because if more people could have seen the NZ game, more girls would be saying "I'm going to be the next Heather O'Reilly."

Canada? Kara Lang? Christine Sinclair? I'm taking off work to watch this one live.

MARDELLE said...


Doesn't get any cutier than that, she is adorable.:)

KaraP said...

Where can I get Rylie's dress in a3-4t, it's adorable. so is the the model.

Zar000000 said...

Aw that is too cute,

cute shirt she has on too,

glad you could squeeze a visit in and didn't have to swoosh out ;>