Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Goodbye Shenyang...

The U.S. team left Shenyang this morning, hopping a flight to Shanghai and getting in around mid-day. Once again, the transfer for the U.S. team was handled very smoothly by the Olympic volunteers. Really, we've never seen more volunteers anywhere at any event and we're pretty sure that soon, more people in China will speak English than in any other country in the world (maybe even the United States!). Remember, there are 1.3 billion people in China. The team had a great experience at the excellent Olympic Village/Hotel in Shenyang (man, those fresh noodles and soup during the team meals were good) and were warmly sent off from there as well. The U.S. team and staff took up almost all of the small plane to Shanghai for the two-hour flight. It was almost a charter, except for the few Chinese guys in the back and one reporter from New Zealand. (Our friend Jeremy Ruane who does a bang-up job covering Kiwi women's soccer). The players were quite happy to get to Shanghai, one of the world's most amazing cities, and were excited to see a Starbucks and a Cold Stone within walking distance of the hotel! You know, it's the little things matter when you travel so much.

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"Starbucks and a Cold Stone within walking distance of the hotel!" What else do you need Yummm..!!