Wednesday, August 13, 2008

...Hello Shanghai

The U.S. team got another wonderful greeting when they arrived at the Olympic Village/Hotel in Shanghai and of course took a picture with the hotel staff. Today was an off-day from training, but the majority of the players got in a workout in the gym, or some regen in the pool, or some treatment in the training room, but no one put on the cleats today. The players were a little tired after the late night last night and the travel day today, so naps abounded in the afternoon and a few players got to spend some time with their families as well. Tomorrow, the team will train in the afternoon at Shanghai Stadium, which seats 56,000. This stadium is not the same, and far bigger, than the Shanghai Hongkou Stadium in which the USA played for the 2007 FIFA Women's World Cup. Seven Olympic matches have been played on the pitch so far, so the team will get a feel for the quality of the field tomorrow. The Village/Hotel is across the street from the stadium, so some of the rooms have a fantastic view of the stadium, which you can see below lit up in the background.

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Mr.R.P. said...

Very lucky to have such a beautiful view.