Friday, August 15, 2008

Another Wild One in China

Well, that was eventful. Thanks to all the fans back in the States who got up early, and stayed up, and stayed up, and stayed up...through the 99 minute lightning delay. From those that were at the stadium, let's just say when the skies opened up and that first bolt of lightning was one of the loudest things we've ever heard. The amount of lightning and pure decibel level of the thunder was something out of a movie, so kudos to BOCOG for not putting the athletes in danger as well as to the U.S. team for dealing very well with yet another unusual adversity. The team will travel to Beijing tomorrow morning where it will get its first experience at the Olympic Village. No training tomorrow, though. Just rest and recovery after a hard match in rainy conditions. All-in-all, another inspiration performance by the U.S. team that absolutely peppered the Canadian penalty with shots and crosses. Truth be told, the score could have been much higher, but props to Canada for some gritty defending. Now, that the daunting task of taking down an arch-rival behind them, the U.S. team looks to the semifinal against - who would have thought? - Japan. Well, if you saw the USA-Japan game or Japan take apart Norway, you may not be surprised that the Japanese -- who have scored seven goals in the last two games -- knocked China out of this tournament. It is sure to be a great semifinal pitting two teams playing quality soccer. On to Beijing...


Ciber Atl said...

Bloggers thank you for keeping us updated!!! ... I just wanna say USA rules (Am Mexican0 only the girls though lol ... Hope Solo is AWESOME ... Totally crushing on Hope... I wonder if she wants to be my girlfriend... she's so cute! ... and Kai you rule!! ... Boxx I appreciate u giving it 100% always... and that was a magnificient assist! ... Anyways... Good luck vs Japan girls, and once again I will be waking up at 6 A.M. just to watch my girls get yet another win!

Yours Truly

A Girl who lives in the SOUTH.

MARDELLE said...


I'm exhausted feel like I played the game. I watched the US start, then stop. So I then watch Brazil and Norway. Then the US started again. Marathon Soccer day. !! It's all good the US won.. :) USA USA..

Ciber Atl said...

tell me about i went to bed at 1.. woke up at 6! ... delayed... watched the brazil vs norway game... 8 watched us play... 10 get ready for work.. 1 1 be at work1 exhausted but hope solo made it worth it

Kevin said...

Well, I can really only appreciate the lightning delay, as it allowed me to watch from the 60th min on (couldn't get up early, had to work that day) and watched the live feed on NBC's site.

It's a delight to see the hustle, particularly from Rodriguez. She's really stepped up (along with the rest of the team).

Awesome job!

Japan next, then it's a rematch vs. Brazil (my prediction). But, can't get too far ahead. Have to deal with Japan first. So let's do it!